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Wig Review for Hope Summers

by Florencia Sofen | 2 years ago


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Hey! Did you enjoy your Christmas? One of my 2017 purposes is making reviews of everything I get! So… be patient with me! Some weeks ago I asked Rulercosplay.com and MyCoplayer.com to review a wig I fell in love on their shop… here I am showing you what I got! ------ www.mycosplayer.com/?afmc=q6------ This is the amazing wig I received latest days of December. It’s a strange dark-red-copper color and I have big plans for it (like dye it for Gamora ;) )… Right now, It has no styling yet, but I wanted to show it with a fast make-up test of Hope Summers (X-Men Comics) It feels very silky and it’s very easy brush it and give it volume. It is also very thick, so If you have LOT OF HAIR like me, It looks so nice, you won’t have any problems to cover your hair with it. I brushed it two times and doesn’t lose any hair… It’s simply perfect. I like the quality, I like the color and I like the texture. Of course I want to try more wigs of this shop, If they are the same as this one, I would be VERY happy ------------------------------------------- IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF THEIR SHOP, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW https://www.mycosplayer.com/?afmc=q6


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