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Florencia Sofen

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Sailor Uranus

by Florencia Sofen | 1 years ago


  1. 1 - Costume, RoleCosplay www.rolecosplay.com

I don’t usually cosplay manga-anime character. But It’s special and RoleCosplay did it amazing! Each kind of fabrics are made with high quality materials and it’s very easy to wear. I didn’t have to do anything to fit it and every datail, every seam is made with care (Since gloves and ribbons until all padded edges). About the ribbons and details, they are perfect. They are enough shinny and make good contrast with the other parts. Texture is soft and very confortable, maybe a little thin (I can’t wear it on winter, i know xD) but it’s perfect for a spring-summer convention! I’m in love with it! • Florencia Sofen as Sailor Uranus Sailor Moon • Costume: RoleCosplay

Sailor Moon

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